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During the month of February the members of the Debating Club - “Model of United Nations” at American College Arcus, prepared and conducted an inquiry. It is a part of the international project of WWF – “European schools for a living nature”. Students aged 15 to 18 were questioned about their general knowledge about the environment and how  they keep it green. Other 51% of the 130 questioned students had participated in an ecological project but 91% were informed how to protect the environment. 58% chose the air-conditioner as main source for pollution, half of the inquired knew that the CO2 is the second air polluter right after the methane, and that the train is the most economical way for travelling compared to the automobile and the aircraft.

The fact that 91% of the students indicated the right colors for the recycling materials, which are yellow for plastic, blue for paper and the green for glass, is really satisfying.

Only 8% of them  chose the flower as the symbol of the “eco” products, and 29%  circled methane as the right answer on the question “What is the second factor causing the greenhouse effect?”.

The inquiry shows that the students at American College Arcus, are familiar with the ecological problems of our society nowadays and are trying to follow the principles of the ecological lifestyle.