Електронен вестник

Halloween Trivia

Teodor Paraliyski, 11 IB

Did you know that:

  1. After Christmas, Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday.
  2. The pumpkins we do for Halloween are called jack-o’-lanterns.
  3. The first jack-o’-lanterns were not made from pumpkins, but turnips.
  4. There is a phobia about Halloween called Samhainophobia.
  5. The history of jack-o’-lanterns comes from an Irish legend. It tells about a man named Jack who was forbidden to go to both heaven and hell. Since his death he has been wandering the earth waving his lantern and leading people away from their paths.
  6. “Halloween” is short for “Hallows’ Evening,” which was the evening before All Hallows ‘Day on the 1st of November.
  7. Children are more than twice as likely to be killed in a car accident on Halloween as on any other night.
  8. Originally, you had to dance for your treat.
  9. In a few American towns, Halloween was also known as “Cabbage Night”
  10. Halloween used to be a great day to find your soulmate. Couples celebrated Halloween by playing romantic fortune-telling games.