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Sincerely about love

Interview Question one: What is your perception of love?

Adelina Chokoiska and Petko Shiderov 12

Question one:
What is your perception of love?
Love is many things. It is almost inexplicable. It combines resignation, torture and pleasure. It is the highest form of human communication.
Love is as many say beautiful. It corresponds with every aspect of man’s nature transforming our whole character. The result is sometimes exquisite and unique but it can also be hard, rough, even vulgar. Only one thing is a certainty - Love is a necessity.

Question two:
How would you describe men?
What would you say about them?
Ha-Ha. That’s funny. When I was little I used to think of boys as creatures from another planet. But now every man I perceive firstly as a neutral person. After that I decide if I like his appearance or not, but all is concluded by what impression he makes as a human. Most of all I praise the actions of a man not his words.

How would you describe women?
What would you say about them?
Boy: Firstly I perceive visually- the sum of the charismatic parts of their bodies. Then she speaks and there are two options: the first one is: I wish to cry; the second: I see her as a human being. In this case I start to watch her manners, which speak for the type of woman she is. This whole conception, depending on the circumstances, can lead to acquaintance, friendship or something else.

Question three:
How do you judge if a person is fit to be your loved one?
Well, I need a real macho man with lots of muscles and the endurance of a bull.
No I’m kidding. There are several important qualities that I need for a relationship. Firstly I need to be convinced that I can trust this man to be there when I need him. Secondly I need to be with a man who understands my emotions and my thoughts. In three words a man needs to be – smart, imaginative and a little savage.

The sexual attraction is one of the most important things for any man. I am not an exception. I like beautiful, smart women. For me every woman has a special charm, which you can find if you dig deep enough.

Question four:
What is your impression of love’s impact on you?

Love sucks! No really. I’ve broken my will on numerous occasions, I’ve lost a friend, I was upset most of the time. So the overall effect on me was neither beautiful nor romantic although it had its good things. I had moments that blazed through the sorrow and stood like stars on a black sky. Love changed me for good and for bad. The experience is shaking and at the same time strong and filling. I can truthfully say that love had a main impact on the forming of my character and my philosophy of life. No matter how difficult it was it was worth it.
Dramatic… Love is a feeling of extremes. It made some of my best qualities improve even more and it has worsened some of my flaws. It has made me cynical and I’ve lost the feeling of romance in my life. I am a practical person, life made me think practically, even for love. I am not upset that I turned out as a product of my twisted feelings. I am just sorry that I had to sacrifice so many beautiful things along the way.

Question five:
Can you give advice to people, how to solve their misunderstandings and problems in love?
As a person with experience of love’s irony, I can say that there aren’t many options. You must always be capable of sacrifice and compromise because this is the way to keep things going. Don’t be petty, be noble, forgive each other and remember that love should be taken care of because it is immensely precious and unique.
Don’t forget to search for love. Search for it everywhere, because you can always find the chance of meeting your true love. The one that lasts a lifetime.
Don’t be afraid to be honest. Not only with the person you have a relationship with, but honest with yourself. The most important thing is to find a way to communicate peacefully with the person in front of you. Love demands sacrifice and sometimes it is better to make it than lose the most important thing of all.
In conclusion there is only one thing I would like to say: Beware, love is like a money- lender. In the end you pay double for the pleasure.

With its beauties and its horrors love is all around us, we need only a careful look and the wish to give and receive. Many have suffered from falling in love but as many have seen the most beautiful things in life. Common, unique but always affecting love puts each one through a metamorphosis altering his life and himself. Be brave, don’t be afraid and don’t panic, let yourself love and be loved. No one promises happiness but you will be convinced that no matter the outcome loving is worth it.