Електронен вестник

Some weird places on Earth

Naheeda Nahas, 11 IB

This time I decided to write about some weird places on Earth. I will start with Lake Hillier which is located in Western Australia and makes up the Recherché Archipelago. Its pink color makes it so unique and beautiful. If you stand above it, you can see a solid bubble gum pink. Lake Hillier is about 600 meters long and around it there is a rim of sand and dense woodland of paper bark. The narrow strips covered by vegetation are very important because they separate it from the blue Southern Ocean. Until now no one knows why the lake is pink, but there are some predictions. Some scientists suggest that the pink color is due to the dye created by bacteria, because bacteria live in salt crusts.

My second weird place is the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine. If you see it, you will be surprised by its beauty, but this is neither a dream nor a scene from a fantastic film. Some people call it the Secret Garden and some refer to it as one of the most romantic places. People love this place because it is said that if a couple goes through it, they will stay together all the time and their wishes will come true. You may be wondering what kind of trains pass through it: well, only private trains are allowed to. So if you are planning a trip to Ukraine, don’t forget to visit this magical ”tunnel of love”!