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The People Speak:

Climate changes or poverty reduction?

Maria Yotova

Nowadays in connection with the contemporary ecological problems, The Debating Club ' Model United Nations” at American College Arcus' has started an international project- GLOBAL DEBATE under the topic: When it can not do both, the UN should prioritize poverty reduction over combating climate change. The People Speak Project emphasizes two basic problems which are connected: climate changes and the reduction of poverty. The club conducted several activities but the biggest interest was caused by the debate, in which the main moral and ecological issues were defended by two teams. The fight against climate change was defended by team “A” with participants- Aneta Ivanova- leader of The Debating club and Daniel Nikolov-10a class , and team “B about poverty reduction – Magdalena Kutincheva and Nadejda Karaivanova from year 10. At the beginning of the debate every one of the participants presented his/her arguments and main thesis, but the culmination was reached when the teams went on to the most interesting parts - the big cross- fire. The debate formed the plan for the ecological problems nowadays and as a conclusion sent everyone one simple message " If we cannot save our children from poverty there is no way to save the planet, but if we cannot save the planet, soon there will be no way to save ourselves". Apart from the debate other activities were carried out to support the project such as: an interview with the elected leader - Mayor of the city of Razgrad - Dencho Boyadzievv, a short video clip answering the following topic: What things in my locality will I miss if climate change takes it away? , many ecological projects, essays devoted to the subject written by Ralica Tabakova and Violeta Dimitrova from 9a, and finally and the internet blog made by teachers from the college. You can find more information about the project on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h70VXQ2EoKE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq6_LVws-wI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GZhb8_9bH4 http://climatechangesandpoverty.wordpress.com/