Emanuil Serafimov made it to the national round of the Olympiad in Biology and Health Education!

Emanuil Serafimov of grade 8, Natural Sciences course of studies at American College Arcus, came first in the second age group at the regional round of the Olympiad in Biology and Health Education, thus qualifying for the national round, which is to take place on 27 March, 2012. Break a leg, Emanuil!

For three years now, the school has been preparing students to apply for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology at higher educational institutions in and out of Bulgaria after graduation. To this end, there are fully equipped laboratories in Chemistry, Biology and Physics on site and intensive training begins in grade 8 and is furthered with extra classes until grade 12. Emanuil’s success is good proof of the thorough preparation students get, which is guaranteed by the dedication of their respected teachers.