American College Arcus® Board of Trustees 






Establishment, name and address of Trustees' Board  

NameBoard of Trustees ”American College -Arcus®” at PSHS”AC- Arcus” Ltd  

Location: 16 Dragoman Street, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 


Board of Trustees ”American College -Arcus®” at PSHS”AC- Arcus” Ltd was enlisted in the Register of non-profit corporate bodies by Veliko Tarnovo Regional Court on 23.10.2003 as a community serving non-profit organization.  

The Trustees’ Board is an organization whose structure and activities are defined by the Bulgarian Law for Non-Profit Organizations, the National Education Law and the Rules for the Implementation of the Education Law. 

The Board’s full name is Trustees’ Board at PSHS American College Arcus®Ltd. The School was founded in accordance to Order Number RD 14-76 of the Minister of Education and its registration was published in issue 55/17.06.2003 of Darzhaven Vestnik (the Official Gazette). 

Trustees’ Board main office is at 16 Dragoman Street, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. 


Term Limit and Branches  

No term limit is imposed on any member of the Trustees' Board. 

The Trustees’ Board can open branches in Bulgaria and abroad. 

Objectives of the Trustees' Board 

  1. The objective of the Trustees’ Board is to cooperate with state and municipal organizations, individuals and legal entities to achieve the aims described in this statute. 
  2. The Trustees’ Board supports the development of the educational process, individual study programs for talented students, scientific research and the modernization of facilities at American College Arcus®Ltd. 
  3. The Trustees’ Board implements commercial and/or fund-raising activities and the income is used to support the activities outlined in this Statute. The business activities are as follows: commercial activities, consulting services and publishing books and other materials to support the educational process at American College Arcus®Ltd. This also includes advertising and other activities necessary for the achievement of the Board’s purposes and objectives. 


1)    The Trustees’ Board has the following objectives: 

  1. To provide financial and material support for the school; 
  2. To help the school administration to efficiently use the School property; 
  3. To maintain and improve the School’s property and improve the conditions of education and relaxation of students; 
  4. To support the educational process; 
  5. To unite the efforts of the parents and the community in the educational process in order to form students into responsible members of society in conformity with the ethical standards of community; 
  6. To contribute to the students' creativity and establish good learning techniques in order for the students to display their acquired knowledge and talents. 

 2)    Means of achieving goals and objectives: 

  1. Collect voluntary contributions from individuals and legal entities; 
  2. Discuss and make offers to the parents, teachers and educational authorities for the development of the school and solutions to current problems; 
  3. Assist the school faculty and administration in the organization of the extracurricular activities, journeys and sporting events; 
  4. Help the organization with the implementation of educational programs; 
  5. Establish and put into practice educational and instructional programs associated with the problems of the students; 
  6. Exhibit and encourage the development of students’ talents through concerts, exhibitions, performances and competitions; 
  7. Assists with the provision of food for the students, transport, dormitory and other issues arising with students and teachers; 
  8. Aid in the prevention of drug abuse, involvement in religious sects or other factors exerting detrimental influence on students; 
  9. Establish and keep contact with local and foreign individuals, other legal entities and non-government organizations to exchange information concerning the School’s activities; 
  10. Organize conferences, seminars and symposia to promote continual  improvement in the area of teaching; 
  11. Work, cooperate with and create a dialogue between the Board and the public to suggest new activities and improve existing ones. 

 3)     Funding is acquired from the following sources: 

  1. Public and private share contributions; 
  2. Donations, sponsorship and personal/group bequests; 
  3. Renting of real estate and collection of interest; 
  4. Financing coming from local or international programs, funds or organizations; 
  5. Profit from social initiatives; 
  6. Other sources that fall within the legal parameters enumerated in the national and municipal laws of Bulgaria.