Admission after 4th grade

American College Arcus Ltd. opens a new class with specialized training major of Natural Sciences in the junior high school for students who have completed grade 4. Admission of candidates is based on successful passing the entrance exam which tests their general knowledge attainment. The registration period is from 22nd April to 9th May 2024. Тhe entrance exam is on 11th May 2024 at 10:00 with a duration of 90 minutes. Candidates must be within the school premises at 9:45 with their identification documents. 

The tuition fee for this class is 3,900 EURO per school year and 20% of the admitted students can study for free depending on their entrance exam results. 

If you want to register online, you need to access the platform by clicking the "REGISTER" button in the upper right corner of the college's site. You will find your child's exam result on their account.


The registration fee for the entrance exam is 100 BGN. There are two methods of payment: 
1. In cash (The administrative secretary is responsible for this);
2. By bank transfer to the school account (It is important that the name of the candidate is entered as the orderer, as well as the reason for the bank transfer).

Exam results and students’ rankings will be published on the college website.