Overview - reception

Admission to American College Arcus® is granted to students regardless of their  sex, nationality, ethnicity, social class, or religion. American College Arcus® admits students who have successfully completed Grade 7 and whose GPA is not less than 4.50 (6.00 being the highest GPA). Prospective students are required to sit for an entrance examination, which assesses their overall educational development. The results of the entrance examination determine whether or not a student will be admitted to the College. 

The school admits students in both specialized and professional training. 72 students are admitted to the College in the specialized training majors: Foreign Languages, Software and Hardware Sciences,Natural Sciences. Their tuition fee is 3,900 EUR. The College binds itself to provide free tuition to 20% of the students who have been accepted to any of the majors mentioned above and have signed a tuition contract. 

The ranking criterion for the quota of 20% free education in the specialized training majors is the highest GPA (in percent) from the three parts of the admission test (English, Bulgarian language and Literature and Math). The conditions laid down in Article 10, Paragraph 4 of the Educational Law are used in the ranking. 

Students who are educated for free (the ones who form the 20% quota) can keep their status as long as they maintain a minimum GPA of 5.25 at the end of each school year. In the envent that their GPA is lower they exit the 20% quota and the right of free education is transferred to the student with the highest GPA outside the 20% quota. 

Twenty students are admitted to the professional major Machine technician, dual learning. Their education is fully subsidized by Arcus Co. and Armaco JSC; the students do not pay a tuition fee for the first school year and the next four years if they maintain a minimum GPA of 3.50 at the end of each school year.  

American College Arcus admits a class of students who have completed 4th grade, and they will be specialized in the training major of Natural Sciences. The candidates sit for an entrance exam which test their general knowledge attainment. The number of enrolled students is 24. After completing the elementary stage of education, the students who have a minimum GPA of 5.25 or higher average mark in 7th grade are entitled to continue their education in the college without sitting for a secondary education entrance exam. 

In the event that there are candidates who have successfully passed the admission exam and whose exams have received equal scores in percent, these students will be admitted and given priority over students on the waiting list. 

In the event of vacancies American College Arcus allows admission to students who have passed the 7th grade external evaluation test and have an average of 58 points in Bulgarian language and literature and Math. The annual tuition fee they pay is 3,900 EUR. 

Admission Exam for 7 graders 

Format of the written exam at PSHS “Ac-Arcus” Ltd for the academic year 2023/2024 

The Admission Exam consists of three parts, as each part has a duration of 60 min: 

Part One: English language –The test in English consists of three sections with a duration of 60 minutes: 

-       Section One: Reading Comprehension – multiple choice questions with maximum score of 20 points; 

-       Section Two: Use of English- maximum score of 30 points 

-       Section Three:– Writing (minimum 100 words) maximum score of 30 points; 

The total score is 80. The final result in percent is calculated by dividing the points obtained by the total number of 80.

Part Two: Bulgarian language and literature 

The test in Bulgarian language and literature consists of twosections with a duration of 60 minutes: 

-       Section One: reading comprehension with 30 multiple-choice questions, testing students’ functional literacy and their ability to implement linguistic rules in practice; duration of the section -30 min;  maximum score of 30 points; 

-       Section Two: writing an opinion essay on a common issue. Duration of the section – 30 minutes. Maximum score of 25 points. 

The total score of all sections is 55 points. The final result in percent is calculated by dividing the points obtained by the total number of 55. 

Part Three: Mathematics 

The admission exam in Math consists of twosections with a total duration of 60 minutes: 

-       Section One: 15 math problems with multiple-choice answers. Each problem is given five possible answers, one of which is the correct one.  The duration of this section is 30 minutes. The maximum score is 30 points. 

-       Section two: 3 math problems for complete solution. The problem solutions must be written in detail by the students. The duration of this section is 30 minutes. The maximum score is 30 points. 

The total score of both sections is 60. The final result in percent is calculated by dividing the points obtained by the total number of 60.  

NB! On the date of the exam the students have to have a pen, a pencil, a rubber, a triangle, a pair of compasses. Students are not allowed to use calculators, tables or any other mobile devices!  

Information about the admission examination for 4th graders is to be published in the Section: Admission after 4th grade 

International Students 

All student who have not completed 7th grade in a Bulgarian school, or have studied in an International school before the time of application are considered International students 

International students wishing to be admitted to American College Arcus® must contact the Director or the Deputy Director. All foreign students for whom English is a second language must sit for an English language examination, which will verify that their proficiency in the language is satisfactory for their program of study. 

International students who wish to enroll at Arcus ® American College should contact the Director or the Deputy Director. All foreign students who are not native speakers of English must take an English language test to certify their level of language proficiency. Foreign students are exempted from the English language test if they have already passed one of the following international exams: FCE, CAE, CPE, or SAT. Foreign students applying to the college must take an exam in Bulgarian, in which they should achieve a score of at least a very good (4.50), as well as exams in the major subjects according to the major chosen by them.

1. An application addressed to the Director 
2. A document issued by the Ministry of Education and Scienceof Republic of Bulgaria certifying that the student has completed the specific grade (school year) 

The students who are qualified duly gain the right to be educated at American College Arcus without sitting for the admission examination.