Do you offer scholarships for students?
Since 2018/2019 academic school year American College Arcus provides free education to 20% of the admitted students who ranked with the highest average grade at the entrance exam. Those students are to pay for the school uniform only. The students from this 20 % quota are entitled to free education in the following school years only if their average grade at the end of each school year covers the minimum of Very Good 5.25 

Is American College Arcus licensed by the Ministry of Education? Is it accredited by any international education organizations?
American College Arcus has a license by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria (Order RD 14-76/21.05.2003) 
American College Arcus has been accredited by IBO / International Baccalaureate Organization / and has been authorized to educate MYP and DP students

What is the tuition fee? When is the tuition fee due to be paid?
The tuition fee for 2020/2021 academic year is 2200 €. It covers the expenses on education, school uniform, insurance, medical service and security on the school premises. 
The tuition fee can be paid in two equal-amount installments. The first one is payable in July, and the other 50% of the fee is payable at the end of the first school term. The payment of the first half of the tuition for the enrolled 8 graders is carried out upon signing of a tuition contract. 

What is the fee for the admission examination?
The admission examination fee is 90 BGN

When does the admission examination take place?
The admission examination takes place during the school spring holiday. 

What is the admission examination like?
The admission examination includes three modules: Bulgarian language and literature, Mathematics, and English language. The duration of each module is 60 min, 180 min altogether. 

Is there an examination after 8th grade has been completed?
All 8 graders are advised to take the FCE exam. Students who pass the First Certificate in English acquire an internationally acknowledged certificate of the respective level of language acquisition. American College Arcus does not cover the expenses related to the FCE exam registration and taking. 

What is necessary to apply in American College Arcus?
The first thing you should do is contact the Administrative Secretary and receive some general information: telephone number +359 62 619959 or fax +359 62 619961. You can also contact us by e-mail - info@ac-arcus.com 

What documents are necessary when applying?
The necessary documents when applying are as follows: 
1. Registration form that can be filled in and submitted online 
2. A document which certifies that the student is a 7 grader and has minimum average mark of Very Good 4.50 for the first school term.
3. A recent photo of the candidate  

What does the college offer to students and parents?

American College Arcus provides services of medical assistance and counselor activities. The medical office is furnished for meetings, medical and psychological diagnosis, as well as first aid. In cases of necessity, the medical officer provides specialized consultations by other specialists.  

The College provides dining services at the canteen, and a rest area furnished with a buffet where students are offered a snack and lunch menu 

The management of American College Arcus encourages the students and their parents to communicate with the faculty and the administration on a daily basis.  

The information about students’ marks, content of classes and homework is uploaded daily in the electronic register after the end of the school day. Remarks about the students’ demeanor are also included when necessary. 

Students absences and the reasons for those absences are also strictly noted(since American College Arcus is striving to guarantee the security and protection of the students and their families)   

The demeanor rules are profoundly and clearly stated in the American College Arcus Regulations. This document is signed by both students and parents at the beginning of each school year. The American College Arcus Regulations signed by the students and their parents is an integral part of the Tuition Contract. 

The school rules for decent demeanor do not harm the dignity and honor of the faculty members. Their objective is to guarantee a safe and harmonious ambience, and establish a community in which no one feels physically, socially or psychologically oppressed.  

Professional security guards provide 24-hour monitor of the entrances and the premises of the college. An electronic security system senses all movement in the building and tracks it with the video surveillance equipment.  

The college offers extra-curricula activities according to the interests of the students. Well established is the editorial board of the school newspaper, the Web design club, the Astronomy club, Voluntary club Faith and Love, the Art club, the football team, the basketball team and the shooting team. We always welcome suggestions for the establishment of new clubs.  

Can I apply after completion of 8th grade?
Yes. This admission application can be done provided that the college has vacancies in some of the offered profiles. Information about vacancies can be obtained when you contact the College administration. 

How is American College Arcus different from other schools?

We offer individual approach when we work with each student. Without overlooking the high academic requirements of the education programme, we acknowledge the emotional specifications and intellectual needs of each of our students. We take into account the need of adaptation to the methods and style of training in the school; afterwards we insist on students’ diligence and commitment so that they fulfill their goals. It’s our priority to make the curriculum pleasant and interesting to the students since the educational programmes require the achievement of high academic results. We contribute to the development of our students so that become complete individuals capable to achieve successful realization in our world of cultural diversity and globalization.  

American College Arcus has been planned to become an innovative school which not only has the priority to prepare its students to be high flyers in the international exams, but also to offer them assistance in the process of personal development and adaptation to various communities. In order to achieve this the college puts a lot of effort, time and investment.