Eniovden- time for a festive review 

On its patron celebration day- Eniovden, American College Arcus team celebrates an exquisitely successful school year with a remarkable feeling of pride and joy. Even though it has been extremely hard to work under the pressure of the pandemic conditions, the results that we have managed to achieve are quite impressiveHere are some of the achievements: Margarita Karaivanova, d student from 11A class has become a laureate in the National multilingual competition, category English and German; Denislav Bonchev, a student from 11B class, was the only one in the province who qualified to participate in the National Competitions of Physics and Astronomy; three other students from American College Arcus managed to qualify for the national Competitions of English and Russian.   

In spite of the insecure circumstances and conditions, and the expected economic crisis, American College Arcus has had a successful admission campaign for students who have completed 7th grade- the interest in the school has remained stable and it has even increased. This increase is due to many factors. The state funding of education made the tuition fees in American College Arcus accessible and the number of students who are being educated free in the school has had a significant increaseThe high quality of education in the school combined with the variety of educational profiles, has also contributed to the steady rate of interest in the school through the years. 

At the end of this hard school year, American College Arcus has proved once again its leading position in the high school education system in Bulgaria by achieving excellent results of 2020 graduates who took the National Matriculation Exams. The results from the Bulgarian language and Literature Matriculation exam rated our graduates 5th place in the country; the average result from both Matriculation exams (Excellent 5.53) placed once again our students first in the Province. 70% of our graduates have had Excellent marks at both Matriculation examsThree students had Excellent 6.00- Magdalena TomovaVilian Popov, and Kristian Iliev. To note this exquisite success, the college has organized a Graduation Ceremony of Diplomas, which will be held in compliance with the anti-epidemic measures on 25.06.2020 in Asenevtsi Park.