Farewell, class of 2022!

The prom night of the graduates of American college Arcus was held on 25.05.2022. There are 40 students finishing school this year, who are divided in two classes - 12 А with a major in Foreign Languages, class teacher Biserka Koleva, and 12 B with a major in Software and Hardware Sciences, class teacher Albena Todorova. During the past five years the class of 2022 can boast successes in different fields of knowledge, as well as participation and achievements in regional and national competitions in different sports disciplines. A focus of students’ free time has always been the active social and ecological activities, which include different volunteer campaigns initiated by the college. The names of Dalia Mateeva and Yoanna Genkova, who are straight A students, stand out among the graduates this year.
A big number of the graduating students have achieved excellent results in international exams in English. They will continue their education in prestigious foreign universities in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Italy. Medicine, Law, Software Engineering, International Economic Relations, Architecture, Programming and Mechatronics are the most popular majors for the students who have decided to continue their education in Bulgaria.