First place in Veliko Tarnovo Region for three of American College Arcus graduates who achieved excellent results with distinction in the National Matriculation Exams 2021

American College Arcus ranks first in Veliko Tarnovo region with the graduates' exceptional results in the National Matriculation Exams. The average result from the matriculation exam in Bulgarian language and literature is 5.25, which places the graduates far ahead in the ranking. The average result from the second matriculation exam also positions American College students first in the ranking, which is unquestionable evidence for the high quality of preparation in English and German, Maths, Biology and Geography- all of these subjects have been chosen by the students for the second matriculation exam. Three of the graduates- Margarita Karaivanova, Iveta Ivanova and Denislav Kerchev have results of 6.00 in both exams, which is an absolute success not only on regional level, but national level as well. These graduates will be eligible to be awarded National Diploma. Congratulations on graduates 2021!May you all be successful in all fields of study!