ImagineEU and the participation of our team in the contest

When some time ago a few students from class 11A – Alexandra, Iliya, Maria, and Mila, turned to one of their teachers, Biserka Koleva, for mentorship, they had already done the entire work on applying for this project themselves. From the launch of the program itself, through meeting all the requirements for actual participation, to creating the final product: here is a short inspiring video reflecting the idea of these young people.

The program is called ImagineEU and is organized by the European Commission. It is aimed at the youngest active citizens of the European Union. The subtitle "Imagine the change you want to see in the European Union" hints at the goals of this competition: addressing a real societal problem, common to all EU member states, and proposing a solution. One of the requirements also includes the creation of a motivating video that is a few minutes long, as mentioned above, in which both the problem and its solution are addressed.

The focus of our students is on the visually impaired people and the daily difficulties they face. But we won't tell you more; we will directly share the link to the video itself so you can watch it:

Our eleventh-graders are in this competition with nearly 400 other participants in the first stage, which includes voting through the competition's website. Specialists will evaluate the idea and its applicability only in the second stage, which applies only to those who gather the most votes. Voting is possible until January 28th.

For two consecutive mornings in the college auditorium, Alexandra, Iliya, Maria, and Mila presented step by step to all our students and teachers the video created by them and the idea behind it. Our exceptionally active, self-initiative, and energetic young people deserve some additional support. That’s why we’d like to share with you the whole story. If you recognize the idea as your own or have simply been inspired by the optimism coming from these young people, please don't forget (after watching the video from the provided link) to vote for "See things differently." If you encounter any difficulty in voting, please do not hesitate to write to us or to directly contact someone from the team participating in the competition.