International Day of translation

In relation to the International Day of translation students from American College Arcus presented a bilingual recital. The future graduates Dimo Dimchev, Yoanna Genkova, Maria Drandeva and Nikolay Atanasov, together with the students from 11th grade Georgi Penchev, Ivan Tsvetkov and the students from 9th grade Daniel Borisov Ivana Stoyanova and Ivon Garcheva had a recital of poetry by Vaptsarov, Debelyanov, Yavorov, Shelly and Byron in both Bulgarian and English.

There were many surprises during the performance. Not only did the students hear the Bulgarian translation of Byron's poem When we two parted, but they enjoyed the musical performance of the song Wicked Game with an adapted translation in Bulgarian made by Nikolay Atanasov from 12 a. The poster announcing the celebration was designed by Ivon Garcheva from 9 a.