Judges in our classrooms

For another year Judge Diana Kostova and Judge Mariya Danailova from the Administrative Court of Veliko Tarnovo delivered online lectures as part of the Philosophy lessons for the grade IX, X and XI students in PSHS American College Arcus Ltd. The content of the lectures included: 1. The Judicial system of the Republic of Bulgaria, Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria; 2. Criminal Justice; 3. Cybercrime.

   This initiative is a part of the educational programme “Judicial Authority - informed choice and citizens’ trust. Open doors to courts and prosecutor’s offices.” - a collaborative project of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Ministry of Education and Science aiming to raise students’ legal culture awareness and build up the public trust and confidence in the judiciary. After completing the project, the Administrative Court of Veliko Tarnovo will welcome the students to the court building to meet the staff and make close acquaintance with the employees’ and magistrates’ work responsibilities and observe an actual court trial.