Professions of the future

On December 16, 2022, an event related to the career guidance for students was organized at American College Arcus. Mechanical engineering, engineering and information technology sectors were presented through a series of initiatives.

An exhibition named ‘Soul of the machine’, consisting of sculptures and works with augmented reality, was opened in the lobby of the college. The authors of the exhibition – Boris Sarikov, Vessela Nikolova, Grozdan Ilkov-Grafa, Nikolay Krastev, as well as engineers from the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" impressed the guests with their skills to turn machine elements into creative inventions sending vivid conceptual messages.

In the hall of the college, the classes studying ‘Machines and systems with digital program control (DPC)’, profession ‘Machine technician’ at PSHS American College Arcus Ltd were presented to a large audience. Their teacher engineer Krassimira Todorova and the college students themselves, who combine study and work together in their daily lives, told the audience about the challenges of professional training.

This was followed by a talk with the founder of the Software University (SoftUni) Svetlin Nakov, PhD on the topic ‘The future is in education based on learning through work’. In a very attractive way, the lecturer introduced the professions of the future and the qualities that a young person should possess in order to choose development in the IT sector to the college students.