School students invited to an administrative court’s formal occasion

Mrs. Ivanichka Slavcheva, teacher of Philosophy and Civil Education, along with students of ХІB and ХІD attended a special event at the Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly in Veliko Tarnovo to celebrate the 15th anniversary of administrative court’s beginnings in Bulgaria. Dimana Bozhkova of ХІв gave a speech on behalf of the attending students and school’s management. She thanked the magistrates for their hard labour and dedication, praising them for guaranteeing good and justice “every day and for every citizen”.

This event marks the end of the educational programme “Court system – informed choice and civil trust. Open courtrooms and prosecutors’ offices.” – a long-lasting collaboration between PSHS “AC - Arcus” Ltd. and the administrative court in Veliko Tarnovo, aimed at nurturing legal literacy and culture among students. Finally, this-year participants in the educational program were awarded certificates by Mr. Georgi Chemshirov, chairman of the administrative court.