Spelling Bee at American College Arcus

For a second year in a raw the competion for correct spelling in English-Spelling Bee was conducted at American College Arcus. This year a larger number of students competed. They demonstrated solid knowledge of the spelling of a list of  500 randomly chosen words of all levels of English. Congratulations to all our contestants from grade 5 and 6 who have been regularly preparing for the competition since the beginning of the school year. After 11 rounds of competition Elitsa Todorova and Elena Georgieva from grade 5a were at the final, and the 12th round was won by Elena who managed to spell correctly the word dandruff. Elitsa was second. Both girls classify for the next level of the competition, when they will have to compete with other students from Veliko Tarnovo Zone. There will be 200 words added to the list, and we wish our our wonderful girls good luck. We have our fingers crossed for your success!