The romantic struggles of Arthur the ghost

Mariya Drandeva, 9a

The romantic struggles of Arthur the ghost



Arthur Mortus the Magnificent was a king who had lived a lecherous life, which has, unfortunately for him, ended. He is now stuck in the ghostly realm for all eternity. He was bored to death, but there was nothing he could do about it. He would just sit in his castle and look over his grandchildren, who had now taken over. But recently another ghostly figure has taken his interest. That would be Isabella Bellamy. She was a beautiful young lady, who just appeared one day in the forest near his castle. She was apparently a forest spirit, which is what the ghost of a person who died in the forest is called.He was immediately intrigued. Only to find out she was an old lady at heart, who wouldn’t sleep with him even he were to pay her. Now he is searching for a way to win her heart with the ulterior motive of sleeping with her at the end.


Chapter 1: Flowers for deflowering


A few days into knowing Arthur and Isabella had quickly learnt that she were to stay away from him. He had tried to win her over with many things: romantic poems, songs, cake…but none of it had worked out. He was distressed and was desperately trying to think of something. Then one day he was passing near the office of the king, who was his eldest grandson right now, he overheard him talking about how the only thing girls want these days are flowers. Arthur knew exactly what to do. He was to pick the prettiest flowers from the garden and gift them to her. She was going to fall for it this time. He went in for the beautiful black lillium in the middle of the garden. He wrapped it and waited for her near the end of the forest. They were supposed to meet in a bit. He waited patiently and when she appeared, he silently handed her the flowers and waited for her reaction. She was touched! He was so happy, but as we all know happiness doesn’t last long and soon enough they heard the desperate cries of the gardener: ‘’My pride! My hard work! My gorgeous flower! My only beautiful black lillium!’’

Isabella threw Arthur a look of disapproval and didn’t stop sulking until he went back and left the flower and an apology note. By the time he was done, she had disappeared. ‘’Just my luck’’-he thought. ‘’I’ll get her next time for sure!’’


Chapter 2: A desire as sweet as chocolate


After the attempt with the flowers he had been even more persistent than before. But he would always fail miserably. He tried to take her out on a picking, but he hadn’t thought the place through and they quickly learnt that the field they were sitting on, was a shooting site for hunting ducks. A few days ago, he was going to give her a box of boutique chocolates. They had been personally made by the royal patisseur, for the Duchess of a kingdom few hours away from theirs. Least to say, he had stolen them from the kitchen and the story with the flowers had repeated itself. A happy Isabelle, a mad chef. Disappointment. Apology note. Silent mourning of the missed opportunity to prove himself to her.

 ‘’Another day, another attempt’’ - he thought to himself.  Today he wasn’t going to make such a mistake. He wanted to make her some pralines. He had worked really hard all morning before any of the living figures in the castle, had woken up. On the 15th try they finally came out okay. He looked around and saw the mess he had made. And he had wasted so much of the products, there was basically none left for the day’s cooking. He decided to clean up so he would make no mistake this time ‘round. He put the leftover eggs back on the counter, put the fine cocoa powder back in the pantry. He was almost done cleaning when he heard a vibrant scream. He looked at the entrance and saw one of the maids. She was lying on the floor, unconscious. He gave it no thought and went to call Isabella out. He was finally going to do it this time!

Or was he…

To be continued…