Three college students reached the finals of Creative Writing in English Competition

This year, as well any other previous years, American College Arcus conducted the competition in Creative Writing. Traditionally, it was of great interest to many students- 40 students altogether, from 6th grade to 12 grade, took part in this challenge. Within the time limits of one hour they had to create a unique and original text corresponding to one of the three topics from the respective age group. It is a great honour to announce that the works of Daliya Hitrova and Lucia Yankov from grade 6a, as well as Velina Kostadinova from grade 9b ranked among the 18 best in the country for their respective age group. The girls were classified as outstanding by the famous jury; they managed to overcome competition of more that 3700 students. Congratulations to our students who had the courage to compete and discover the possession of such a talent in literature! Their original texts will be available to read in the school magazine Mind escape.